The Perfect Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when costumes are bought and worn. And for us dog owners, the event would not be complete if our sidekicks are not as dressed up as we are. What costumes can we make our dogs wear? Brandon Carte of Best Products has a few suggestions in mind for your perfect dog Halloween costume.


Dogs may be short-necked but they sure can pull the part! Zoo Snoods (Instagram: @zoosnoods) makes the most adorable ear/neck/ head warmers for dogs! This knitted giraffe head is made with a super-soft yarn. It also comes in all sizes – whether small, medium, or large – to fit whatever breed your dog may be.


If you feel like Han Solo without his Chewbacca, don’t worry! You can turn your dog into Chewie with this Wookie hoodie! This version is not only high quality, but it has also been officially licensed by Lucasfilm and Disney. Not only is this for Halloween, but also for May the Fourth celebrations.

A Bunny Rabbit

Rabbits look cute regardless of the fact that they bite. Also, anything that tries to look like a bunny is just as adorable, especially when it’s a pup. Since both creatures have the same adorable charm, putting your dog in a bunny costume will surely double his cuteness.

The Lion King

If your dog has the face of a canine but the heart of a lion, this costume is perfect for him. Turn your dog into Sumba by donning him with this feisty lion mane for Halloween. It’s perfect, especially for golden retrievers, and will turn them into an amazing King of the Jungle.

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