The Best Exotic Pets You Can Own

Cats and dogs are adorable and cute, sure, but they might not fit your taste. Maybe you’re starting out as a pet owner looking for a more exotic pet but you don’t know which one to get. It has often been said that exotic pets make bad pets. But really, it all depends on the owner. Any animal can be considered a bad pet or a good one depending on the owner’s patience and preference.

Here is a’s list of Best Exotic Pets You Can Legally Own.


A wallaby is an Australasian marsupial that is similar to, but smaller than, a kangaroo. It literally looks like a kangaroo with dwarfism. Wallabies require outdoor housing, so if you want indoor pets, you might have to look for something else.

Wallabies make for extremely intriguing, affectionate, and distinctive pets. Wallaby owners carry their babies in specially made pouches like a wallaby parent does. This is to establish a bond as a parent to their pet. This pet requires a lot of time and affection.

Green Aracari

Aracaris are small toucans (piciformes) with astonishingly large beaks for their size. They are not parrots, but softbills. Whereas strong hookbills eat food like seeds, this bird eats fruits and sometimes some animal protein. In comparison to parrots, the green aracari is quieter, mostly ‘chattering’ instead of screaming. They are also very affectionate and many love to snuggle with their owners. However, they can be quite messy since they eat fruit.

Fennec Fox

This pet is popular among many who wish to own exotic pets. The fennec fox is adorably small, like the size of a Chihuahua, and has a small face with large ears. The fennec fox doesn’t require a room-sized enclosure, and unlike other foxes, they have little to no odor.

They can be kept as house pets, and they cannot be permanently caged, the same way you can’t cage a cat or dog forever. Be careful, though, of setting them loose, because they can be extremely difficult to catch.

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