Six Top Toys to Fulfill Your Pet’s Desire to Hunt

Finding toys that help develop your cat’s hunting and play skills is an important part of their development as domestic mammals. Knowing which toys to buy and how to use them are vital in giving your cat the most realistic playtime experience. Feather wands are an affordable and effective option for any domestic feline, but you have to know how to utilize it during your play session. Be sure not to dangle it too close to their face, as prey would never be bold enough to get this close to a predator.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you and your cat play with a feather wand, inch it along slowly.
  • Toys that dispense treats are good because your cat will enjoy being rewarded and it keeps the cat busy.
  • Cats enjoy simple, homemade toys such as paper rolled into a ball or a baby sock filled with catnip.

“Most cat owners don’t want their pets killing live animals, and if your pet is an indoor cat, he won’t have the chance. But this doesn’t mean that his hunting instinct has gone away.”

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