Is Your Vet Offering A1C Diabetes Testing to Monitor Your Pet’s Health?

A1C diabetes testing for your pet is recommended, but is it a test that you pet’s vet currently offers? Shockingly, the service is not provided by all vets, but it should be. This test detects pets that are at-risk for developing diabetes. With this information, the vet can begin taking the appropriate measures to protect the pet from the symptoms the disease brings. This is a very important test that your pet needs, so make sure it is one that you arrange!

Key Takeaways:

  • While humans already use A1C to monitor their glucose levels, there are now A1C options for cats and dogs.
  • The new A1C test has been developed for cats and dogs by Baycom Diagnostics.
  • The test will be able to show a 70 day glucose average for cats and a 110 day average for dogs.

“It’s proving to be a revolutionary diagnostic tool for the veterinarians who are using it, because we’ve not had anything like it before.”

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