How you can walk adorable dogs like Joey to help their elderly owners

Sometimes in life, we all need an extra hand, especially the elderly who rely on their pets for comfort and companionship but may not be able to take care of them as well as younger individuals may. This article discusses a charity in which you can walk dogs for those in need. It goes into one man’s story about advertising for help needed and how Cinnamon Trust can assist. It even helps by delivering food and fostering pets if needed. This would be a great volunteer opportunity for any dog lovers!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Cinnamon Trust is a special charity that helps the elderly and terminally ill people to take care of their pets and walk their dogs.
  • When Kevin Wilson from Millbrook started having problems with his health, he got in touch with the charity to help take care of his dog, Joey.
  • Kevin explained that his dog, Joey, is lively and easy going. He has had help walking the dog thanks to the charity when he responded to a Facebook ad.

“The charity is hoping more people will come forward to help walk Kelvin’s trusty companion”

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