How to Stop Stray Cats From Pooping in Your Yard

I’m a big fan of Neko Atsume, that cute mobile game where you place toys and food for stray cats to come into your house. However, when it comes to real life, it’s not all that charming, especially when they poop in your yard all the time.

A lot of homeowners may be asking how to stop stray cats from pooping in your precious yard. Kimberly Caines of gives us some tips on how to do this.

Why the Need?

Stray cats not only poop in your yard. They dig through your plants as well. This can do significant damage to plants and flowers. Also, their feces and urine can burn your lawn. How can you keep these trespassers away?

Place a fence around the yard.

If you don’t have one already, that is. Also, top it with chicken wire that’s slanted outward. Cats are good climbers, so they might be able to climb the fence, but the outward-slanted chicken wire will surely ward them off.

Install a motion-activated sprinkler system in your yard.

Although this may sound like some serious spy stuff, installing one will cause a sudden blast of water when a cat enters your yard. And as we all know, water is a cat’s mortal enemy. However, make sure to turn off the sprinkler system when you go in the yard because it will splash you too.

Startle unwanted cats when you catch them in your yard.

Be prepared by arming yourself with an empty soda can that’s partially filled with dry beans or gravel. Seal the opening of the can with sticky tape. When a cat comes, shake the can. The noise will scare them away. With consistency, these unwanted visitors might think twice before visiting your lawn.

Scatter lemon or orange peels in your yard.

Cats are not fond of the scent of citrus. Having these natural cat repellents will make them stay away. Alternatively, you can use cayenne pepper, lavender oil, or coffee grounds.

Read more tips in the full article here.

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