How to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

Getting a new pet is absolutely exciting. However, it’s not just as simple as taking your new best friend home. I know you’re excited, but there are things you have to prepare before the newest member of your family starts to live in your place.

Here are a few tips from PetCoach on how to prepare your home for a new pet.

Pet-proof your home.

You don’t want your new pet to get injured by hazardous ornaments or other things lying around the house. First thing you have to do before bringing a new pet home is to pay attention to things that might harm them. You need to keep pet-unfriendly plants, poisonous foods, and unsafe domestic substances out of their reach. Trashcans have to be tightly closed. Lawn care products and tools, cleaning solutions, choking hazards, medications, sugar-free gum, and electronic cords all have to be kept as far from your pet’s reach as possible.

Prepare your new pet’s personal space.

Your pet needs a place all to his own. You have to make sure it’s something that is appropriate for the pet you’re getting. Is it big enough to be comfortable? Is it safe? It’s also important to set up your pet’s stable, kennel or basket before bringing him home.

Give your pet lots of toys.

If you’re adopting a dog, give him lots of chew toys so he won’t be tempted to chew your shoes and other stuff instead. Cats likewise should have balls of yarn and a scratching post so they don’t end up scratching your walls. Make sure no harmful objects are near them since pets can be curious especially when they are young.

Prepare for an adjustment period.

Be prepared for crying if you’re bringing home a puppy or a kitten. Baby dogs and cats cry, just like human babies, during the night. Unlike human babies, however, it is a bad idea to bring them to your bed to soothe them. Instead, set up an enclosed, quiet space with a comfortable bed, or a kennel that can be closed to prevent wandering.

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