How to Bond With Your Cat: Nine Top Tips

Cats have their own unique personalities, and sometimes establishing the bond you want with your feline friend will take some effort. Cats will be more prone to approach humans who interact with and pay attention to them, but don’t push it if your kitty seems to not be in a mood to interact. Most cats actually enjoy interacting and playing with humans, so find toys you can enjoy together. Start socializing your cat when it’s still a kitten, and try to avoid yelling or scaring them. Find out what your cat likes in terms of being held and petted, and do more of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some cats can stay glued to their owner while other cats will never react to their owner’s affections.
  • For cats to give one their loyalty, that person has to earn it by having persistence and showing care.
  • A researcher and cat expert advises those who want to bond with their cats to play with their cats the way the cat likes, and pet him regularly.

“This is another important step to not only bonding but to meeting your cat’s need for mental and physical stimulation. If let without stimulation, your cat may simply sleep the day away, but given the chance to play, your cat may happily oblige.”

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