Halloween Costumes for Your Cat

Halloween is fast approaching. Everyone is preparing this year’s costume, and every cat owner would not want their feline friend to miss out on all the fun. The good thing about cats is they look good with just about anything! Perhaps the greatest obstacle in making them wear outfits is they might find it annoying and will just about do anything to get it off of them.

Here are some ideas from Josie F. Turner in her article in Animal Wised.

Witch Cat

Legend has it that, during the night of Halloween, witches leave their human form and transform into black cats so they can wander the streets at will. This is why meeting a black cat is often considered a bad omen, because it is believed that they put a curse on everything that crosses their path, giving them a life plagued with bad luck.

If you don’t believe in this and actually raised a cat with beautiful dark fur, then it is fairly easy for you to come up with a Halloween costume since black cats themselves are basically a symbol for the festivity. You can just add a witch hat on top of your cat and voila! You have a Halloween costume!

Skeleton Cat

If you want something more complicated and elaborate, you can get hold of an animal-friendly dye and paint on your cat’s fur. You can paint your cat as a skeleton. The dye should be a non-permanent product so that the color will easily disappear after washing your cat’s fur (with a damp cloth, never under the shower). Also, make sure that the dye is not toxic. This costume is not recommended if your cat is not used to water at all.

Devil Cat

Who knew devil headbands could be so adorable? Turns out, all you need is to put one on your cat. You can crochet or simply craft and sew with cloth and glue for this one.

Check out the full article here to see more details on these fantastic Halloween costume ideas.

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