Dogs in Vests: Owner-Raised and Trained Service Dogs

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Dogs in Vests is an organization that helps owners train their own service dogs. A service dog can help an owner with certain conditions such as Crohn’s disease, seizures or Diabetes. For example, a dog can be trained to smell food and alert an owner if the food may cause a reaction from their Crohn’s disease. Dogs in Vests seeks to allow owners to train their own dogs through the sale of their book. This book uses zero aversive training techniques.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dogs In Vests is a project that helps families train their own service dogs for their loved ones’ particular needs.
  • Dogs In Vests started when trainer Valerie Fry teamed up with Miriam Richards to train a dog named Stella to detect foods which could trigger Miriam’s son’s Crohns Disease.
  • Training service dogs by themselves can allow families to avoid the wait times and high prices of service dogs trained by professional organizations.

“Some of the dogs Valerie trains are rescues with behavior issues. Scent training, sometimes called K9 nose work, helps the dogs build confidence and gives them something to stimulate their minds without having to interact too much outside their homes or in environments that feel threatening to them.”

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