Dave and Baxter: Hero Dogs that Saved Three Women From Drowning

It is often said that a dog is man’s best friend. How true can that be? Whereas a lot of people might simply see dogs as mere pets – cute, fluffy creatures that bring us comfort and happiness at certain times – dogs are actually much more than that. Not only can they be loyal to their own family, but they also come to the rescue of anyone in need.

Here is a story that will make you believe this statement for the rest of your life.

In an island on the south coast of England, three women were swept away from the shore of a beach. Cousins Keira and Poppy were pulled by the tide on Hayling Island. Poppy’s mom, Nicola Godliman, tried desperately to save the two but realized she wasn’t strong enough to pull any of them back to shore.

”My daughter’s crying at me, I’m crying back at her. I’m saying, ‘I’m sorry. I can’t do it,” says Nicola.

The beach was deserted, with no one in sight to help them. But then a dogwalker and his son passed by, walking their two dogs.

Seeing the commotion on the beach, the team then jumped into action. Dave pulled Nicola back into the shore, while Baxter pulled Keira into safety.

“Dogs are a little bit like horses – they can sense these emotions from humans,” says Guy, the dogwalker.

Tom, his son, says he knows Dave’s strength and he knew that Dave could handle Nicola.

The three women had already been so worn out and have used up all their energy from trying to survive. They were very grateful to the father and son, and to their two dogs who saved their lives.

Watch the full BBC report here.

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