Are Hamsters The Pet for You?

Are you considering getting a pet but don’t think you can keep up with cats and dogs? Then a hamster might just be perfect for you! A lot of people have started taking care of these furry little creatures and are loving it. Here are several reasons why:

They are not needy animals

Unlike the constant attention cats and dogs need, hamsters don’t need as much attention. All they need is food, water, a clean cage, and some love.

They do not require an expert caretaker

Both adults and kids can enjoy the company of a hamster and can take care of one. It is also a good pet to get if you’re trying to teach your kids how to be responsible.

They are small

Even when they grow up to full size, you can still hold them in the palm of your hand! There’s no worry about your house or apartment being too crowded because they will always fit.

They barely make noise

Except for when they are running around on their exercise wheel, hamsters are very quiet. They barely squeal or squeak. There’s no reason to fear waking up your neighbour.

They do not require expensive materials

Getting one might be a bit expensive but taking care of them is way cheaper than taking care of dogs and cats. Food and bedding supply usually last a while and they do not even cost that much.

They are adorable!

Just look at those chubby cheeks! How can one even resist them?

They’re the perfect dorm room pet.

It’s hard to take care of animals that are large and noisy. Hamsters are perfectly quiet and are perfect for your dorm, so as not to disturb your studying roommate.

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