5 Tips on Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Pet


The holiday season is not just for family and friends. Thanksgiving dinner is so much better when you celebrate Thanksgiving with pets. Since our pets are like family for us and are one of the things we are most thankful for, it is only right for them to have a place in our holiday celebrations.

How do we make this holiday season inclusive for our pets? Here are 5 tips for a pet-friendly celebration from Wide Open Pets.

Avoid escape.

When guests are coming and going through the weekend, there are plenty of opportunities for your pet to slip out of the door. To avoid an unexpected escape, do your best to keep your pet away from the door. The best way to do this is to keep them secured in a different room or on a leash while your guests arrive or leave. Make sure your dog is wearing his collar with the proper identification tags in case he does get out.

No food for pets.

This may sound jarring, but what it means is that you should not share the food served on the table with your pets. This is because many of the ingredients used in everyday cooking and baking (such as onion, garlic, chocolate, etc.) can be highly toxic for your pet, and in high dosages, life-threatening. Cooked turkey bones can splinter and cause intestinal blockage, inflammation, and abdominal pain which may lead to a medical emergency.

Give your pet a space of his own.

Make sure that he has a quiet area where he can go to if he begins to feel overwhelmed with the presence of so many people. This space should also include fresh water, toys, and a comfortable bed.

Keep food out of reach.

Make sure your pet cannot get his paws on used plates or any unsupervised food.

Don’t forget the garbage can.

Your pet might also be looking for leftovers inside the garbage can, so make sure your bin is secure and has a lid. You can also keep it inside a cupboard or in a different room from your pet to prevent him from eating something toxic to his health.

Most of all, enjoy Thanksgiving by giving your pet some love and attention despite all the guests you are having. Happy Thanksgiving!

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