5 Rules in Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog is a great activity for both a dog owner and his beloved canine companion. It encourages exercise for both parties and it also gives time for owner and pet to bond.

Walking your dog may sound like a very simple activity that takes only a leash and some sort of motivation. However, there are several things one must consider when walking a dog. There are several rules of etiquette to be followed.

Here are five rules of walking your dog, from Petplan.com:

Rule # 1: Check your area’s leash laws

Each area can have different rules when it comes to walking your dog. Most cities and counties have leash laws that can be found on the municipalities’ websites or posted in local parks and heavily visited areas. Most areas require you to have your dog on-leash at all times in busy areas. Some areas allow off-leash dogs to be “under voice control” in quiet areas. What’s important is you research these rules to make sure you don’t break any rules and become a threat to society.

Rule # 2: If your dog is allowed off-leash, make sure he has some training

It is difficult to control an untrained dog, so before you allow your dog to go off-leash (if the law allows), make sure you have trained him considerably.

Rule # 3: Don’t let your dog say hi to everyone

Your dog may be the friendly type who sniffs everyone. But no matter how friendly he may be, not everyone wants to meet your dog. In fact, there might be some who are seriously scared of dogs, so make sure to keep your dog under control.

Rule # 4: Be especially careful around other walking dogs

If you see someone having trouble keeping their dog under control, or someone practicing training exercises, stay away as much as possible. Even if your dog is friendly, it doesn’t mean the other dog is. You don’t want to get involved in a fight.

Rule # 5: Watch your dog for signs of fatigue

Make sure you’re not the only one enthusiastic on walks. Your dog might be getting tired and dehydrated so watch out for any signs that he is. Signs of fatigue include lagging behind on walks, attempting to stop or lay down, and labored breathing. Make sure to take a break once in a while.

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