3 Ways to Keep Pets Safe During Winter

keep pets safe

The days are getting colder not just for us, but for our pets as well. With winter coming, it is important to know winter safety in order to keep pets safe. Pet safety should be one of our priorities in this extremely cold weather, since a lot of our pets can’t defend themselves against the biting cold.

Here are 3 tips on how to keep pets safe during winter.

Know your pet’s limits.

Some pets are more susceptible to the cold than others. Some breeds of dogs can survive less in the cold compared to, say, Huskies. Short-coated, thin, elderly, and very young pets get cold more quickly. Make sure that pet safety is done in this season by adjusting the amount of time they spend outside. Also consider having a sweater or coat for your pet to keep him warm.

Check the hood.

Some animals like cats like to sleep in the wheel wells of cars during the winter months to keep warm. If you start your car and a cat is sleeping on your tire, this can result to your pet being severely hurt or even killed. Keep pets safe by always being aware of where they are and double-checking before using your car.

Wipe the paws.

Another winter safety tip would be to wipe your pet’s paws when you take them out for walks. During winter walks, a dog’s paws can pick up all kinds of toxic chemicals like salt, antifreeze, and de-icers. Be sure to wipe off your dog’s paws when you return from walks to prevent him from licking it off and becoming sick.

Check more tips in the full article by Great Plains SPCA here.

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