3 Things to Remember Before Giving a Pet as a Gift

Pet as a Gift

Christmas can be lonely for your friend who is living alone, away from his family. If you are shopping for a gift, why not consider a pet as a Christmas gift? A pet is always a great idea, but there are some things you should consider.

Here are three rules to remember when giving a pet as a gift:

Never give a pet as a surprise.

Although the idea of giving a Christmas gift as a surprise seems like a thoughtful thing to do, pets are a different story. Taking in a pet not only requires commitment but also preparation. You have to make sure the person you are giving a pet has the time, energy, money, and interest to raise it. Otherwise, your gift might end up becoming a burden to them instead of a blessing.

Pay the pet’s adoption fees.

Once you are sure the recipient really wants a pet (and what kind of pet he wants), tell them you’ll be paying the shelter’s adoption fees for them in advance. Since it is a gift, you wouldn’t want them to spend in acquiring it.

Avoid impulse.

Perhaps the most important rule in the book. You have to consider and think over this decision carefully before pushing through with it. Give a pet to a person who badly wants one and is capable of taking care of one. Your friend might accept it because he doesn’t know how to say no. This is an important distinction.

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