3 Pro Tips on Feeding Your Pet Mouse

pet mouse

Feeding a pet is something every pet owner must learn to do. Giving the appropriate diet to the kind of pet you have is essential in its growth and development and health. If you want your pet to grow into a healthy adult, you need to know how and what to feed it.

Feeding a pet, although quite simple, should not be taken lightly, especially if you have a pet mouse. A pet mouse is, by nature, an ‘opportunistic omnivore’, which means it eats plants, seeds, and grains but will also eat insects when they get the chance. It is up to you as an owner to find a way to do pet feeding in a way that will give your pet mouse a more balanced diet.

Here are 3 tips on mouse feeding from PDSA.org.

Do a gradual change.

Making a sudden change in your pet feeding pattern can give your mouse an upset stomach. What you should do is gradually introduce a bit of new food day by day.

Feed your pet a balanced diet.

  • An ideal mouse diet will include the following:
  • a commercial mouse food. Mice love variety and are often happier with a museli-style diet. This is available at most pet shops.
  • Small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Healthy treats such as boiled or scrambled eggs, mealworms, lean meat, beans, peas, chickpeas, and other pulses.

Make feeding fun.

  1. Mice spend most of their time searching for food in the wild. You can make use of this natural behavior by scattering their daily amount of pellets around the cage instead of putting it directly into their bowl. This will give them the chance to sniff out for their meal. You can also hide treats inside paper bags or cardboard tubes and boxes. This will not only make pet feeding exciting for your mouse but for you as well!

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