3 Pet Activities for You and Your Dog During Snowy Weather

Winter does not have to be spent indoors in front of the fireplace all the time. During the cold season, you and your dog need to exercise all the more to keep your body warm. So when the snow starts falling and carpets the roads outside, it is time to take your dog for some fun pet activities the both of you will surely enjoy.

Here are 3 highly fun pet activities from Tractive.com:


There is a way you can play with your dog while skiing. This dog play requires nothing but a pair of skis! This is great for people who love skiing and for dogs who love running. Skijoring is basically skiing while being harnessed by your dog who will run in front of you. Your dog will pull you across snowy fields. This is sure to be a lot of fun for the adventurous type.

Snowball fight

This is perhaps one of the earliest childhood games that involve snow. But did you know you can also do this as dog play? Since most dogs love fetching and chasing stuff, your dog will surely love snowball fights. However, this is not played the same way as with humans. Don’t pack the snowballs too hard and don’t throw them directly at your dog. Instead, toss it lightly so your dog can try to catch it.

Hiking and snowshoeing

Dogs love new spaces and smells, so you might want to consider taking them on your next hiking and snowshoeing activity. Although this activity is not exactly a game, it will be a great way for you and your pet to bond.

Check out the full list here for more pet activities you can do with your dog during the winter.

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