Is It Safe to Let Your Dog Lick Off the Plate?

It seems like a very practical solution to get rid of leftovers – letting your dog lick your plate clean after you have had your share of the bounty. A lot of dogs will lick it right off without question, not hesitating whether it is unhygienic or not. So the choice really rests on his owner.

Is this practice safe? Stef Daniel of Professor’s House gives us some answers in this heavily debated topic.

A lot of people consider this practice downright disgusting. Some would think it’s practical, thinking there is no big deal in a dog licking a dish that will eventually be washed (because, well, we let our dogs lick our hands and faces, right?).

However, animal experts have concluded that there is some danger in this practice, more for your pet than for you. No matter how much your dog loves human food, it is not appropriate for the consumption of dogs. Our foods contain grease and fat and sugars in such high quantities that they can be harmful to your dog’s health and can even lead to long-term health problems.

Also, your leftover rib and chicken bones can split and splinter and become choking hazards for your pet.

Human food given to dogs has been found to be the number one cause of pancreatitis in dogs and can lead to many other health issues as well. Your dog usually does not have the discernment to say no to what you give them since, let’s face it, human food is very appetizing. The responsibility lies on the owner.

This practice also encourages rude dog behavior. It gives the implication that it is okay for your dog to beg at the table, jump on the countertops, and expect to receive a dish every time someone is eating – a behavior you surely do not want to become a habit.

While a dog’s mouth may be clean, it still carries germs. Don’t forget the dogs also have a thing for eating feces and sniffing and licking dead animals and dirty toys that have fallen on the ground. So before you make your dog lick your plates, think twice.

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